Information Overload !!



Doesn’t it seem like there is a new diet coming out each week that GUARANTEES results?

To emphasise my point, I googled ‘latest diets’ and this is what came up:

– Slimfast

– Dash Diet

– TLC Diet

– Ornish Diet

– 7 Day diet (Wow that sounds promising!)

– Fast Diet (I wonder if it’s faster than the 7 day diet?)

– Dukan Diet (of course)

– Paleo (again… no surprise there)


My point is this. There is simply too much information out there and not enough education regarding these plans. Now, I am by no means implying that you (my readers and fellow better-quality-of-lifer’s ) are uneducated but I am rather saying that we (society as a whole) is MISeducated.

We are exposed to a ridiculous amount of information provided by numerous under-qualified ‘professionals’ who claim to know EXACTLY what YOUR body needs, which is ironically based on the ‘latest craze diet’ at that time. I do believe in guidance when creating an eating plan however this needs to be CUSTOMISED to meet YOUR PERSONAL NEEDS. Otherwise these generic ‘pop’ plans are like putting a vegetarian on a strictly carnivore-based diet plan – stupid, impossible and create completely unachievable goals!

The best way (in my opinion) in making a life-plan that suits YOUR needs is by means of a team effort between yourself and your nutritionist/coach etc. This combination of knowledge is so powerful because a) no one knows your mind and body like you do and b)  a professional consultant can provide you with the tools to capitalise on your strengths and to aid you in improving your areas of development c) you are empowered with USEFUL information.

It is absolutely pointless to roam the internet for hours reading diet after diet after diet after diet!! This leads to stress which (in many cases) lead to stress-eating. It is a crazy cycle that we all fall prey to so often. The ultimate key to success IS being realistic, accepting, committed and consistent.

I always think back to the caveman era. Do you really think that one of our neanderthallic ancestors would go out on a hunt and stop before making a kill because they realised “Oh no, my blood type is A+ and I my blood type diet says red meat is a no-no!” I HIGHLY doubt that that scenario would have occurred.

So, in conclusion to this, by being in-tune to your personal needs, wants and goals you CAN and WILL achieve what you set out to do. However, by setting yourself up for failure with all this misleading information will not aid you in that process. Make yourself a promise this weekend and rather investigate your mind and listen to your body that the internet. Reaching out for help isn’t a sign of weakness it is a sign of strength and self-respect – nourish your mind and body.

Happy eating everyone 🙂


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