Easy Back Exercises to Ease Stiffness and Lower Back Pain

The hectic schedules with the increasing workload at offices is something that has been affecting people’s health. The increase in the competition in all fields and the desire to overpower each other is contributing towards man putting in his maximum time into work and thus gets stressed out soon. Along with the mental strain that is experienced, people are also seen facing many physical problems that make them fall ill soon.

High Blood Pressure and unstable sugar levels are a common site in such work environments. But, there other problems that are not too severe; like headache, migraines and back aches are often ignored. A person with a severe backache may not be able to sit properly. He will have problems while traveling, while sitting and will not be able to work well in this condition. This is not a severe problem as I already said above.

You can take up some common exercises or stretches that will help you ease the stiffness and reduce the pain. Most of these exercises may be the ones that a person might perform at the gym. But, when these are performed in the right way, they will surely help.

1. The Cobra Stretch:


This kind of stretch can be performed without the need of an equipment or a helping hand. It is a simple stretch that can surely relieve you from the severe backache that you want to get rid of. Lay down on the floor or use a yoga mat. Lay with your face towards the floor. Place your palms flat on the ground; in line with your shoulders. Now, gradually lift your upper body and push your neck higher until you feel the strain on your back. Make sure your feet are on the floor and are kept close to each other. Hold this position for a while and then return back to the original position.

2. Lower Back Stretch:


This is another good form of an exercise for the lower back. Lay down on the floor with your face facing upwards. Bend your knees and use your hands to pull your knees close to your chest. You need not worry even if your lower back is lifted off the ground. Hold tight and stay in this position for about 15 to 30 seconds. Return to the original position and repeat the process again.

3. A Static Leg Raise:


This position will surely help in getting rid of the pain and it is also the most comfortable position you can lay in. Lay on the floor with your back downwards. Lift your legs higher and place them on a chair, Make sure your hip joint and the knee joint, both make a 90 degree angle. Stay in this position for about 15 to 20 minutes. It will make you feel relaxed after a hard day at work.

4. The Lower Back Twist:


This is another amazing exercise that you might be performing in the gym. There are also other ways in which this can be performed. But, when you perform it by simply lying on the ground and the twist a leg on the other side, one by one, you will be able to work out on your back muscles and the Gluteus Maximus muscles as well.

5. The Glute Stretch:

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If you are looking out for a way in which you need to work out on your gluts area and your lower back, this is the best exercise that you can do. It includes a slight modification in the lower back stretch that is mentioned above. Here, you will have to place your foot under the knee of the other leg and then pull both the knees towards the chest. Do this with one leg and then repeat with the other as well.

Although, these 5 exercises will surely help you get rid of the pain, it is best to believe that precaution is better than cure. Why do we need to wait until we actually get the backache and then we need to workout to get rid of it? We can instead take some precautionary measures that will help avoid such severe pain.

One thing that is affecting back pain is the working pattern. This usually includes long hours of sitting. Thus, it is important for people to avoid this and prefer moving now and then. Another factor is the long hours spent in traveling. People should make sure that they use a more comfortable commodity to travel long distances. This will help ease back ache.

Three things that one needs to remember while treating a back pain are:
• Consult a chiropractor or a physician about the problem and ask him whether these exercises would suit you.
• Do not perform all the above mentioned exercises. It is enough to perform even one or just 2 out of these exercises. But, make sure you do, it perfectly without lazing around.
• It is not the amount of exercises that you do, but the way you perform each exercise that will help you. Concentrate on the method rather than the numbers.

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