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Whenever I take on a new client I request one main thing from them. That is to keep a food journal. Many are afraid to do it because they are concerned about what I may think (trust me there is NEVER judgement involved) and because many are under the impression that they know exactly what they are putting in their mouths. So I then ask:

“If you are eating as well as you say you are, why don’t you have the body and life that you desire?”


IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LOSE WEIGHT/MAINTAIN WEIGHT/ASSESS WHERE YOU ARE AT if you are unaware of not only what you eat but why you eat. That is where the food /diary journal comes in…


Keeping a food diary does provoke feelings of vulnerability in people (I have gone through these motions myself) because it exposes your eating behaviours/styles/patterns that you are, in essence, responsible for.
However, this can be two-fold as the diary is also incredibly empowering. By jotting down every bit of food, emotion that you experience before eating and your hunger on a scale of 1-10 (1: not hungry at all; 10: starving) you increase your self-awareness. And it is you alone who does this! This reinforces the FACT that you can:

1) Take control of your eating
2) Become aware of any patterns (e.g. emotional eating)
3) Change negative habits/patterns

So, I see no reason to not take your power back. In order to help you get started I have listed some helpful guidelines below:

1) Draw up a food journal. This should have days of the week plus every meal scheduled (Please email me for a journal [email protected]).

2) Include everything you eat, down to the drop of milk in your coffee!

3) Rate your hunger: scale 1-10 1 (not hungry at all, just eaten a meal) 10 (ravenous)
*It is ideal to be about a 7 when eating, this way you are not too hungry or too un-hungry if I can say that!

4) If you find yourself wanting to eat and your are not hungry (1-5) ask yourself why you want to eat? Write down The emotion that you are experiencing. It is easy to group them: mad, bad, glad, sad. ALWAYS INCLUDE YOU EMOTION WHEN EATING. This will help you track emotional hunger AND negative eating habits.

5) Even if you have a ‘slipping’ day and eat (I hate this word) ‘bad’ food. WRITE IT DOWN! This helps you mentally reconstruct the foods you have eaten (aids in less guilty feelings) AND helps you avoid a binge – Reality DOES bring relief.


ALWAYS remember, you have the power to change your behaviour which in essence changes the outcome of your actions, emotions, thoughts and day ahead. As I always say “every possibility already exists” so you might as well tap into the best possibility for you 🙂


Happy Monday everyone and happy, mindful and conscious eating for the week ahead.

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