5 things you probably didnt know about weight loss

1. Eat MORE to lose weight!

Eat small meals consistently throughout the day. This keeps blood sugar levels stable as there is a small steady stream of glucose being supplied to the bloodstream, which in turn means less of an insulin release and thus far less likely of a chance of excess calories being stored as adipose tissue. As opposed to having 3 meals a day, aim for 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. These additional meals from a convenience perspective can be the form of a low calorie meal replacement shake. Aim for 3-4 whole food meals and 1-2 additional meals in the form of shakes.

2. Eat more fat to lose weight!

Focussing more on consuming healthy fat options and protein sources is also a great way to lose weight. For every 1g of carbohydrate your body consumes it uses 2.7 ml of water to absorb and process this carbohydrate. Therefore your body is far more inclined to store excess water if you are consuming too many carbs. Storing too much water will reflect heavily on the scale and greatly reduce any muscle definition you may have. Losing water can often have a much more pronounced effect on the body aesthetically, than losing the same weight in fat. Organising your meals to focus more on protein and fat reduces the amount of carbs and thus water, one is storing. Fats also keep us fuller for longer and this will blunt food or sugar cravings greatly, so you probably find one eats far less anyway thus reducing, greatly, the amount if overall calories one consumes furthering the weight loss process even further! Eating healthy fat options such as avo, fatty fish like salmon, virgin olive oils and certain nuts like cashews and almonds also greatly reduces the amount of triglycerides ( bad fat)in the bloodstream, this means you will lower your overall fat storing disposition and also reduce LDL ( bad cholesterol) and increase your HDL ( good cholesterol). Focussing more on fat and protein consumption means your body will be forced to utilise fats for energy over glucose, which means more weight loss.

3. Cheat!

Having a cheat meal when you are following a structured and regimented meal plan not only allows one the mental nourishment and reward required to remain strict after a long week’s dieting but also shocks the body somewhat and actually speeds up the metabolism! Make sure that you decide exactly which day and meal will be your cheat, and work toward it from the beginning of each week. Having a select, strategised meal option keeps one focused and allows one to be more dedicated to eating clean.

4. Stop running!

It is a very common misnomer that cardio burns more calories than weight training. Muscle is the greatest fat burner ever discovered ten fold. The more muscle one has or generates through weight training the far greater their metabolism will run and therefore they will burn more calories and fat. Strong is the new skinny girls! Pencil thin legs and waif like physiques are being side lined for strong legs, defined midsections, round glutes and toned arms. Drop the treadmill and hit the weight section! It’s an even greater misnomer that girls will get “huge” or “masculine” if they weight train. A woman has a fraction of the genetic predisposition or hormonal requirement to build muscle like a man. It even takes guys a hell of a lot of hard work, time and effort to slab on huge amounts of muscle. If you see an overly muscular masculine woman it’s because she is probably using things that she shouldn’t. That “my shoulders get huge if I train” is bollocks girls. If you eating clean, consistently, lowering your carbohydrate intake and weight training 3-4 times a week, you will get leaner, smaller, weigh less and get more defined. Period.

5. Rest!

With the stresses of modern living, the human body in average society releases far too much of the hormone ‘cortisol’. This hormone helps us cope with the stresses of everyday living but unfortunately has unwanted effects on fat storage, and muscle mass. More cortisol means more fat and less muscle, which again perpetuates the fat storage cycle even further. Make sure you are getting at least 7 hrs of sleep per night. We know we should go to bed early but we’d rather watch the late night series. Don’t! Getting deep, uninterrupted sleep blunts cortisol production considerably and allows us to train harder in the gym when we are feeling fresh, rested and recharged. If you struggle to get to bed early, try turning off as many lights as possible in the house in the evening. When the body detects less light it increases melatonin production, which is the primary hormone responsible for our sleep. Turn off radios and TVs and rather get into bed early and read a book by bed side light. 

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